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Jones & Bartlett India Private Limited publishes textbooks, professional and reference books and a variety of multimedia and online products. It comes out with quality reprints (in rupee prices) to bring knowledge resources within the reach of students and educators.

Kogan Page India Private Limited (KPI): Kogan Page (KP) is Europe's leading independent business book publisher and a major force in international business publishing. Its much-respected list provides comprehensive coverage of business and management related subjects at all levels from initial career advice to professional texts, reference and analysis. Kogan Page India oversees its activities in the Indian subcontinent.

Eurospan India is a joint venture with Eurospan, UK, one of the fastest growing independent sales, marketing and distribution agency. This venture is to facilitate easy availability of books published by US academic professional and reference publishers to academics, students and professionals in the Indian subcontinent. 

Source Books, an imprint of Viva Books, provides students and employment aspirants a reliable source of both skills and guidance. Books for competitive examinations (Test Prep) form an important segment of higher education publishing. These include books that help crack entrance examinations for medical, engineering and management careers.


Viva Books
Largest Educational Publishers In India