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Viva Education has a comprehensive programme to support teachers and learners through both traditional and modern channels. 


Teacher Training Workshops 

Training events are organized for individual schools or for a group of schools, conducted by some of the finest subject experts and trainers. These sessions help teachers refine their skills and train them to take teaching to the level of empowerment. 

Product Training Sessions and Demonstrations 

Meant for the teachers of schools that use Viva textbooks, these sessions impart techniques and methods of making the best use of our books and supplementary products

Print and Digital Support Materials 

Among the support materials we offer are teacher's guides for each series, charts, worksheets and learning activity materials, multimedia CDs and specialized software. 

Online Learning Solutions 

These include dedicated sections for each series within the Viva Online portal. The support sites are continually updated and contain plenty of downloadable content. User schools can register themselves for this service by logging on to 

Study material available online includes sample chapters, answer keys, teacher's manuals, worksheets, audio, test papers, test generators, etc. 

Relationships and Network

Viva Education is focused on building lasting relationships with schools and educators. Over the years, we have been rewarded with high customer loyalty, goodwill and appreciation. Our extensive network of branches and marketing offices across the country with hundreds of representatives makes it possible to address your needs and queries in quick time. We seek your continued patronage of our educational mission. 

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