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Education is a basic right, and so should be quality education. For over 25 years, Viva Group has been providing world-class educational content with an unwavering commitment to nurturing learned, socially responsible and successful global citizens. Awareness is increasing about the crucial role of value-driven education and the need for quality and authenticity. This gives us the opportunity to present an overview of our relentless pursuit of excellence. 

  The Viva Story  

Over the years Viva Books, the parent company of Viva Education, has earned renown in original publishing, co-publishing and book distribution, and as a promoter of Indian authorship in science, technology and other academic and professional subjects. Uncompromising when it comes to excellence and perfection in content, coverage and quality of production, Viva has never looked back through its long voyage.

All these years, we received overwhelming requests to provide content of a similar quality for a younger audience. We took our time to consolidate our experience and expertise, scout for best authorship in educational literature and collect content as high in quality as the material we were producing for higher education. It was only after prolonged thinking and planning that we felt ready to venture into producing books for children.

Viva Education came into existence with clear plans of publishing quality books for nursery, primary, middle and secondary, senior secondary and general reading.

After establishing the brand in the pre-primary, primary and middle levels, we launched our secondary and senior secondary publishing programme. An impressive list of books by renowned and popular authors is the strength of this division.


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