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Publish With Viva

Viva Education is a widely admired and fast-growing educational brand. We are committed to serving the educational needs of young minds – right from their toddling days to the time when they choose their professional careers. Firmly committed to quality in education, Viva is one of the foremost publishers of educational books in South Asia.

Our vast range includes books on English Language Teaching (ELT), Hindi, mathematics, the physical sciences, biology, general knowledge, environmental and computer science, and more.

We welcome book ideas and publishing proposals in curricular and co-curricular subject areas. On acceptance, our editorial team will help you develop your ideas manuscripts into books.

Complete the proposal submission procedure by filling in the form. Please ensure that your manuscript is original. Ideas obtained from secondary sources must be duly acknowledged through citations and expressed in your own language. We have a strict approach towards plagiarism and any content found to be reproduced without permission and acknowledgement will be rejected.

Book Proposal Form