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SmartScore English Language And Literature - Class 9
ISBN : 9789388386210
Publish : 2019
Pages : 608
Price : 599.00

SmartScore English Language And Literature - Class 9

Assignments, Practice Modules And Tests (Based On Beehive And Moments)
Editor Anand Mahanand
Class 9


SmartScore English Language and Literature is an indispensable portfolio of practice material for every student aiming to excel in school and board exams. It contains focused assignments, practice modules and tests covering all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The content is developed to suit both classroom use and self-study. Exhaustive in its coverage of the curriculum and comprehensive in skill integration, this compendium is the ultimate aid for impressive test performance.

Main Features:

  • Follows the latest CBSE curriculum Literature
  • Ten modules: Reading • Writing (four separate modules for articles, descriptive paragraphs, diary entries and short stories) • Grammar Concepts • Grammar Integrated • Literature • Subject Enrichment • Practice Tests
  • Classroom, practice and homework assignments
  • 12 practice tests
  • 6 practice papers in the year-end format
  • Viva Smartscore app

Features of the Literature Companion (available separately):

  • Chapter summaries
  • Author biographies
  • Extensive annotations and paraphrases
  • Thematic analysis
  • Language analysis
  • Extended glossaries
  • Character sketches
  • Reference-to-context questions
  • Answer key to textbook questions and exercises
  • Extra questions with answers



About the Editor:

Anand Mahanand is Professor, Department of Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation, the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. Apart from his teaching and research at the University, he develops materials and designs syllabuses for the learners and teachers of English. He has authored more than fifteen books and developed materials for various university curricula. His major publications include English through Folktales, Real English, Multilingual Education in India: The Case for English and English for Academic and Professional Skills. He is also a translator and bilingual poet.

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