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School Atlas - Revised And Updated (with CD)
ISBN : 9788130929224
Publish : 2015
Pages : 112
Price : 299.00

School Atlas - Revised And Updated (with CD)



The revised and updated Viva School Atlas best suits the requirements of the Indian School curriculum with its thematically arranged maps and interesting graphical presentation of facts. The extensive coverage of India is followed by focused and informative sections on all the continents, oceans, and the poles, plus a comprehensive section on the world as a whole. All these make Viva School Atlas the best resource for learning geography both in the classroom and at home.

Key features:

  • 177 physical, political and thematic maps
  • Thematic maps showing soil type, climate, industry, minerals, communication, power, agriculture and irrigation
  • 20 maps of Indian and world history to meet the needs of students of various curriculum boards
  • Six pages of exciting presentations on the solar system, grid system, movement of the earth, atmosphere and so on
  • Three maps to highlight the important environmental concerns of the world
  • Key facts and statistics on the countries of the world including population, density, GDP, language and religion
  • Flags of the countries
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India
  • Graphical representation of geographical forms
  • A user-friendly index for instant reference
  • Includes World Quick Facts and Activity Sheets

Interactive CD:
The interactive CD accompanying Viva School Atlas makes learning lively with engaging animations and challenging activities. Its features include:

  • Virtual Maps
  • Astronomy and Geography in animation
  • Interactive map activities
  • Quizzes
  • Visual General Knowledge Component
  • Printable maps
  • Printable fact sheets
  • Introduction to online map services

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User Review :-


Nice publication


Hello Viva Education Group Pvt. Lmt., i just purchased and read one of your books called 'VIVA SCHOOL ATLAS' and i am very satisfied with the book. I must say that the book has complete and accurate information regarding World Geography and Earth. In my opinion it is the best Atlas book ever. I feel really happy to read such an amazing book that is totally perfect. Your's Thankful Reader, Regards!