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Real English Supplementary Readers - Class 1
ISBN : 9789387153769
Publish : 2020
Pages : 32
Price : 215.00

Real English Supplementary Readers - Class 1

A Multi-Skill Language Course
Author Brinder Aulakh
Class 1


The English-language skills acquired at school often determine children’s future academic success and effectiveness in social interaction. With a comprehensive learning package of language skills, 
Real English trains learners to use English confidently for academic purposes and social interaction.

The role of the supplementary readers in the course needs special emphasis. The learner’s mind grasps the structures, flow and rhythm of a language through exposure to various forms of writing. The supplementary readers familiarize learners with the world of literature, guiding and enabling them to explore it on their own.

The features of the readers include:

  •  a rich selection of traditional, classic and contemporary literature
  •  a variety of genres like fairy tales, folk tales, short stories, extracts from classic literature and poems
  •  texts that are pluralistic and representative of cultures at home and abroad
  •  comprehension tests, tasks to encourage literary appreciation and interesting activities
  •  emphasis on the interest factor and experiential value 
  •  focus on reading habits and reading for pleasure

About the Author:

The Late Brinder Aulakh was a teacher trainer and materials producer. She developed materials for teaching phonetics, grammar and methodology for primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Her publications include Teaching Nurse Rhymes and A Remedial Grammar for Primary School Teachers and numerous articles on ELT.  She was a director of the Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh. Her qualifications included M.A. English (Delhi), M.A. Linguistics (Delhi), M.A. Applied Linguistics (Reading, UK), M.Phil. Semiotics (Paris), B.Ed. (Punjab), PGCTE (CIEFL, Hyderabad), PGDTE (CIEFL, Hyderabad), Cert. English Language (Rajasthan & British Council), Cert. Linguistics, Statistics and ELT (UGC & Mysore).

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