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Real English Workbook - 2018 Edition - Class 7
ISBN : 9789387153851
Publish : 2018
Pages : 60
Price : 355.00

Real English Workbook - 2018 Edition - Class 7

A Multi-Skill Language Course
Author Illa Vij
Class 7


The English-language skills acquired at school often determine children’s future academic success and effectiveness in social interaction. With a comprehensive learning package of language skills, 
Real English trains learners to use English confidently for academic purposes and social interaction.

The pedagogic approach in Real English helps learners achieve both functional knowledge of the English language and a theoretical understanding of its structures. The workbook reinforces the concepts learnt in the coursebook through rigorously graded and closely correlated extra exercises.

Real English workbooks offer an excellent language-learning experience with challenge and fun.

Key Features:

 • Grammar practice that enhances the structural understanding of language and makes learner deft with grammar
 • Vocabulary builders that expand on the contextual, thematic, formal and general vocabulary exercises in the coursebook
 • Development of reasoning skills and interpretation of facts, tables and pictures
 • Clear and focused instructions for easy accessibility to both teacher and learner
 • Interesting writing tasks that not only make writing fluent and reference skills sharp but also stimulate inquisitiveness and creativity
 • ‘English for Life’ approach emphasizing the practical, everyday use of language, going across curricula


PRINT: Coursebook • Workbook • Supplementary reader • Teacher’s guide

DIGITAL: Animated lessons • Enhanced e-book • Interactive modules • Audio for listening practice • Printable worksheets • Test generator

About the Author:

Illa Vij is a teacher trainer and presenter for the British Council and the University of Cambridge. An English teacher with 26 years of experience, she has been a CBSE examiner for 8 years, and has several publications in ELT.

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