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Examination Companion CBSE Mathematics - Class XII - Term II
ISBN : 9789393398361
Publish : 2022
Pages : 208
Price : 340.00
EBooks : 165.00

Examination Companion CBSE Mathematics - Class XII - Term II

As Per CBSE Guidelines For Term - II Examination 2021-22
Author Saumyajit Ganguly
Class 12


VIVA Examination Companion for Term – II Mathematics is especially for class XII Term - II. Examination as per the Reduced Syllabus prescribed by CBSE for the academic year 2021-22.

Salient Feature:

  • Important Results and Concepts
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)*
  • Very Short Answer type Questions*
  • Short Answer type Questions
  • Long Answer type Questions
  • Very Long Answer type Questions
  • Assertion-Reasoning type MCQs
  • Case Study/Situation based Questions
  • CBSE Sample Question Paper 2021-22 (Term – II) solved
  • 5 Model Test Papers (Unsolved) based on CBSE Sample Question Paper 2021-22 with Answers.

*In order to enable the students to cope with the critical situation and health hazard caused by the outbreak of the corona/omicron pandemic, which may lead to fundamental changes in the pattern and duration of examinations, a lot of MCQs and Very Short Answer Type Questions have been given in each chapter. We hope this will help the young aspirants meet the requirements of their examination effectively and successfully.

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