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Twenty-Twenty Accountancy - Class - XII - 3/e
ISBN : 9789387153004
Publish : 2018
Pages : 520
Price : 340.00

Twenty-Twenty Accountancy - Class - XII - 3/e

Question Bank & Mock Test Papers
Author Vijayshree
Class 12


Based on NCERT /CBSE Revised Examination Pattern

Twenty-Twenty Accountancy for the students of class XIIThis book has been written in accordance with the new syllabus and revised examination pattern of CBSE and is divided into four parts as under. 

  • Accountancy Chalisa: This section of the book contains Twenty Theory Questions on each chapter, drafted in such a way that the theoritical essence of the entire syllabus is covered. In addition, this part has Twenty Check Points in each chapter that facilitate the students with the knack for tackling the tricky points given in questions. 
  • Twenty-Twenty Chapterwise Practical Questions: Keeping in view the extensiveness of the chapters, 20 Questions have been selected from each chapter in such a manner that the entire syllabus is covered and students can present their answers well in their examination. Keeping in view the latest trend of question paper, filling the missing information figures based questions have been given in each chapter.
  • Twenty Evaluation Based Questions: 20 Evaluation Questions, strictly based on the requirements of the CBSE have been given in this part. 
  • Twenty MockTest Papers: In this part, 20 MockTest Papers have been given which are prepared strictly as per the revised examination pattern of the CBSE.

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