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Model Test Papers With Quick Revision - Science For Class X
ISBN : 9789390054404
Publish : 2021
Pages : 92
Price : 125.00

Model Test Papers With Quick Revision - Science For Class X

As Per The Reduced Syllabus (CBSE 2021)
Author Viva Education
Class 10


Based on the New Assessment Structure and Examination Pattern
With Solved CBSE Sample Question Paper 2021


Viva Model Test Papers with Quick Revision Science for class 10 is especially for the Board Examination as per the reduced syllabus prescribed by CBSE for the academic year 2020-21. Due to Covid-19 pandemic the schools have been closed and students cannot attend physical classes. After seeing this situation, we have published this book to help students overcome this problem. This book will also support students with plenty of important extra practice questions and activities.


Salient Features:

  • Quick Revision: Important points of each and every chapter to refresh your concepts and to revise the entire chapter.
  • CBSE Sample Question Paper 2021 (Solved) is included for thorough preparation.
  • Model Test Papers (2 Solved and 3 Unsolved)  at the end are based on the sample question paper issued by the CBSE to provide students with a real-time examination experience.

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