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ICSE Biology - 8
ISBN : 9789387925700
Publish : 2019
Pages : 144
Price : 455.00
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ICSE Biology - 8

Based On The Latest CISCE Curriculum
Author Prof SS Hasan and Dr Renu Nath
Class 8


ICSE Biology is a set of three books for the students of classes 6-8. It teaches concepts in a clear, crisp and interesting manner to satisfy the needs of the young minds. The series has been written strictly in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education.

Key Features:

  • Conceptual skeleton of each chapter represented through Key Concepts
  • Extra information relevant to the concept given in separate boxes
  • Keywords defined at the end of each chapter
  • Test Yourself section containing objective assessment exercises interspersed in the text to recall and review the concepts learnt
  • Know Your Scientist column carries information about notable scientists and their contributions to science
  • Quick Review given at the end of each chapter to consolidate the concepts learnt
  • Various assessment tools like short- and long-answer type questions, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, true or false, find the error, match the columns, differentiate between, etc. included in Exercises to reinforce the concepts learnt in the chapter
  • Picture-based questions given under the section Observe and Perform to develop observational skills
  • Questions based on thinking skills given in the section Apply Your Leaning to develop critical thinking in students and assess their application of knowledge gained
  • Life Skills questions included to help students solve real life situation-based problems
  • Integrate Your Learning section, a correlation-based approach to help students create links between different subjects
  • Engaging and interesting activities given under the section Projects and Activities to nurture and develop scientific skills
  • Review Your Learning given at the end of each chapter to assess the concepts of the students
  • Concised concepts of each chapter in the form of flowcharts given under the section At a Glance
  • Ask and Learn activity included to encourage students frame and ask questions in the class
  • Attempt and Score provided as an assessment tool to assess the overall knowledge of the students
  • Logical Thinking questions given to enhance logic and critical thinking

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About the Authors:

Prof. S. S. Hasan has been a Professor with School of Sciences, lndira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi. He has been a lecturer in Zoology at Banaras Hindu University and a founder Vice-Chancellor of Uttarakhand Open University. He has been actively involved in the research work in the field of Endocrinology and Radiation Biology. During his career, he has published 58 papers in national and international journals, delivered speeches and Lectures in various state and national Level conferences, and designed and developed self-instructional course material (print and audio-visual) for numerous degree courses. He has been the proud recipient of the Young Scientist Award 1982 (INSA), Shakuntala Amir Chand Award 1985 (ICMR), Young Scientist Award 1989 (MAAS), Career Award 1990 (UGC), Best Presentation Award 1999 (National Environmental Science Academy) and Scientist of the Year Award 2001 (National Environment Science Academy).

Dr Renu Nath has done MA., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Botany. She has several years of teaching experience in University of Delhi.

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