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Social Studies 7
ISBN : 9789386824936
Publish : 2018
Pages : 284
Price : 475.00

Social Studies 7

History, Geography And Civics
Author Shrutakirti S. Rajan & Tilottama Mallik
Editor Uttara Chakraborty & Jayita Kundu
Class 7


Social Studies is a set of eight books for classes 1 to 8 designed and developed keeping in mind the latest guidelines framed by the CBSE. The series helps to build knowledge about humankind and the physical and social world we live in. It is an activity-oriented series with creatively designed exercises and individual and group projects and activities.

Salient features of books 6 to 8

  • Lucid language is used for easy comprehension.
  • Colourful pictures and well-labelled diagrams help to reinforce the concepts.
  • Various tasks are provided with each lesson in the form of Extract, Search and Surf, Practice-based questions and Answer Orally.
  • Thinking skills are included as Brainstorm.
  • Quick outline of the main topics is given as Learning Outcomes.
  • Memory tool featuring salient points of the chapter is presented in Recap.
  • Assessment tasks are presented in chapter-end exercises.
  • Meaning and definitions of new words are given as footnotes.
  • Meanwhile (in History) helps to trace the contemporary scenario of the other countries in the same age.
  • Web charts, tables, case studies, maps and many other features are given for quick reference.
  • Each book is accompanied with Teacher’s Resource Pack that includes Teacher’s Manual and Teacher’s CD.

Teacher’s Manuals

  • Lesson Plans • Answers to In-text Exercises • Answer Key to Chapter-end Exercises • Assessment Tasks • Additional Activities

Teacher’s CD

  • E-Book • Printable Worksheets and Maps • Printable Assessment Sheets • Test-generators • Lesson Plan Template

About the Authors:

Shrutakirti S. Rajan is an educational books author and editor, based in New Delhi. She graduated from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She has completed her M.A. in History of Art from National Museum Institute, New Delhi.

Tilottama Mallik is a teacher with over 15 years teaching experience in a reputed school in Delhi. She has done her M.A. in Economics from Anna Malai University, Chennai; B.Sc. Hons., and B.Ed. in Geography from Calcutta Universit

About the Series Editors:

Uttara Chakraborty is a retired professor, formerly, Department of History, Bethune College and Guest Lecturer, Presidency College and Presidency University. She has served with several government colleges in Kolkata under WBES (West Bengal Educational Service).

Jayita Kundu has been teaching at Mahadevi Birla World Academy, Kolkata. She graduated from Presidency College, Kolkata and has completed her Masters and M.Phil from Calcutta University.


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