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What educators have to say about us

Ms. Kanchan Dulani
Sadhu Vaswani International School Hyderabad

Ms. Simi Srivastava, Master Storyteller and Founder- Director, Kathashala our resource person for today’s online storytelling workshop organized by Viva publications with a group of SVIS teachers, taught us various ideas for engaging children in and through storytelling that are utterly captivating and imaginative, yet really accessible to the class teacher - she inspired us all to want to go straight out and do some storytelling ourselves! She also taught us that the purpose of storytelling should be entertainment without any inhibitions.

The method she used was also very engaging - we particularly loved the story associated with wit and songs! Really helpful ideas that are practical to use in a class and ideas that I feel confident with. I have developed a new understanding of storytelling. And all of this was grounded through acting, performing and making changes to stories.- fantastic. Please come back and see us again soon!

Ms Sunir Nagi
Pallavi Model School, Alwal

"I never knew liking a picture which looked as if it had life would actually come to our school virtually, the thanks and credit goes to Viva Education which made my dream come true and gave us this wonderful storytelling session by Ms. Simi Srivastava, the storyteller was able to connect to her audience of students who were excited to hear the story from her and follow her instructions. Simi rightly said that students should enjoy stories as it's a form of sheer entertainment and we should not try to attach morals to stories so that students can have fun and learn on their own as today's generation had smart kids who are quick learners."

Ms. Pannaga K Murthy
English Teacher
Delhi Public School, Vijayawada

"I, on behalf of the teachers who participated in the sessions by Ms. Simi Srivastava am very thankful to VIVA Education for inviting us for the wonderful sessions.

Miss Simi Srivastava, the resource person, led the workshop on Cursive Handwriting in a warm engaging manner. All teacher participants related well in a comfortable atmosphere. The workshop was thorough. Her practical knowledge and insights were valuable for the participants. The emphasis on the role of household activities and yoga as prewriting skill enhancers was impressive.

The webinar on the role of storytelling in education by the master storyteller Ms. Simi Srivastava was captivating and creative. Her ideas to engage the audience through the story was fascinating. The session inspired us to do storytelling ourselves to educate our students in an entertaining way."

Ms. Pratima Sinha
DSR Educational Society, Hyderabad

"Thank you Viva Publications for organizing and hosting an excellent workshop on “Cursive Writing – Strokes, Loops and Curves” for Birla Open Minds Pre Schools and Birla Open Minds International School teachers. Ms. Simi Srivastava the resource person connected very well with the participants even though it was on a virtual platform. She was very interactive and gave great inputs on the topic. Our teachers were totally involved and had good two days of learning,....looking forward to more meaningful sessions on similar lines."


Ms. Neetu Gupta
Head Mistress
Delhi Public School, Secunderabad

"I would like to thank Viva Education for organizing a storytelling session by Mrs. Simi Srivastava. We really appreciate Mrs. Simi for taking time out from her busy schedule for our students. Mrs. Simi had spread the magic of the story in this session. Being professionally trained in theatre, she made the session interesting and exciting. The assembly turned out to a memorable one. Looking forward to a session for pre-primary children also and if possible a storytelling workshop for teachers by Ms. Simi Srivastava in near future."

Ms. Mini Abraham
Mar Baselious Public School Kottayam, Kerala

"We have been associating with Viva publication for a few years now. For kindergarten, I selected their books because of very special features such as their periodic training sessions for teachers and frequent follow ups. I wish them success for all their future endeavors."

Sr Sraddha
Nirmala Public School Pala, Kerala

"The best thing about Viva is that the quality of the books is good in regards to its content and the way its presented…. I do appreciate the good service that they provide us. Keep up the good work and do well."

Mr. Jyothis Chandran
Jyothis Central School Trivandrum, Kerala

"Books are child friendly. Students are easily understanding the concepts as well as teacher are also finding them easy to teach."


Ms. Sujatha Mohan
Vice Principal
Excelsior English Medium School Kottayam, Kerala

"Viva Education books are very students and teachers friendly. Their approach is really good."