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Colours & Craft 8
ISBN : 9789387486140
Publish : 2020
Pages : 76
Price : 325.00

Colours & Craft 8

Author Kamal Jain
Class 8


Colours & Craft for classes 6 to 8 has been designed on the basis of the latest NCERT syllabus of arts education. It incorporates almost all the themes, mediums and techniques of art recommended for upper primary classes. Through this series, children will learn to express themselves aesthetically. Along with learning the techniques of art, children will be motivated to develop creative perspective of the things around them. They will also learn to observe and capture the form, details and essence of their surroundings in their art

Key Features:

  •  Elements of art explained in detail 
  •  Appropriately graded according to the syllabus 
  •  Art terms suitably explained 
  •  Exposure to each medium of art and their outcomes 
  •  Techniques of art explained step-by-step along with illustrations
  •  Individual creativity encouraged by "In your file projects
  •  Motivates observation of objects, plants, animals and human beings in detail, and as a part of the whole environment
  •  Encourages creative expression of observations in art
  •  Enhances creativity through craft activities 
  •  Includes craft ideas to encourage use of Waste materials

About the Author:

Mr Kamal Jain is a versatile, talented and naturally blessed artist. He has won the National Award for painting and art thrice. He completed his IGD training from Mumbai at the age of 11 years. He runs a prestigious advertising and designing company in Delhi where he has created and designed numerous art books for school and college children.

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User Review :-

Aanvi Dwivedi

very good

Sidharth Ghara

Best app

Reyansh Singh

Very nice book i want to bye it.