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Little Hands 5
ISBN : 9788130925837
Publish : 2020
Pages : 40
Price : 225.00

Little Hands 5

Drawing, Colouring, Craft
Class 5


Little Hands is a set of seven books for children of preprimary and primary levels. The aim of these books is to enable the children to learn various art and craft techniques without the aid of an instructor. The essential drawing techniques progress from starting points of lines and simple shapes to more complex figures. The books focus on the development of art and craft skills. Children can use the skills taught here to go beyond the examples and create their own unique work. We hope that the books will inspire the children to realize their creative potential.

Feature of the Series:

  • A perfect blend of art and craft
  • Appropriately graded
  • Factoids included wherever possible
  • Original art and craft ideas
  • A list of readily available materials given with every craft activity
  • Concise and clear instructions
  • Directions presented in a step-by-step format wherever needed
  • Sample illustrations given where necessary
  • Ample variety of art and craft activities included using various drawing and colouring tools like, pencils, felt tip pens, water colours, pencil colours, different kinds of paints, crayons, oil pastels and many more

Keep in mind the following suggestions when using Little Hands:

  • Encourage the children to participate fully, both during the activity and when preparing for it
  • Let the children touch, smell and look at the art materials.
  • Allow the children to use their imagination and create their own work
  • Keep the material handy before beginning the task.

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