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Easy Learning English Dictionary
ISBN : 9788130911939
Publish : 2014
Pages : 658
Price : 275.00

Easy Learning English Dictionary

Author Peter Colins


Viva Easy Learning Dictionary lists the words most commonly used in English, giving definitions and in many cases examples of use. Grammar notes are given in many entries - irregular plurals for nouns, comparatives and superlatives for adjectives, past forms for verbs. Where a word is commonly used with a preposition that prepositions is given in bold letters.

To make the dictionary as compact as possible, many derived words are listed under the main headwords and do not appear separately: so package is to be found under pack, secrecy under secret, etc.


  • Simple, easy definitions
  • Learn correct pronunciation
  • Learn grammar with the help of grammatical labels
  • All headwords in colour
  • Includes a punctuation guide
  • Key facts in the information section

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