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Computer Dot Com, 2024 Edition Book-1
ISBN : 9788119894642
Publish : 2024
Pages : 76
Price : 295.00

Computer Dot Com, 2024 Edition Book-1

Revised And Updated
Editor Niranjana VS, Akanksha Dudpuri
Class 1


Computer Dot Com is a series of 8 books for classes 1 to 8. The series is based on the guidelines introduced by CBSE as well as the syllabi of other major boards of education. 

Key features:

  • Learning Outcomes: List of expected outcomes
  • Tech Talks: A conversation among teacher and student introducing the chapter
  • Review Your Knowledge: In-text questions based on observation, in-depth learning and analytical thinking skills to help learners
  • understand the concepts better
  • Presentation Time: Questions to help learners develop and strengthen presentation, investigation and creativity skills
  • Investigate and Answer: Questions based on higher order thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning skills
  • Be Creative: Questions based on creativity and problem-solving skills
  • In the Lab: Sample stepwise lab activities based on decision-making, critical and logical thinking, and experiential learning to help learners understand the concepts better
  • Classroom Discussion: Questions based on critical and logical thinking to be discussed in class to help learners participate and interact to enhance thinking skills
  • DigiTech Fact: Additional information provided to enhance knowledge
  • Try This: Interesting and engaging tasks based on observation and critical and logical thinking skills to make learning fun
  • Computer Etiquette: Computer ethics and manners to be followed while working on a computer
  • Infopedia: Important technical terms along with their definitions
  • Quick Recap: Recapitulation of concepts at the end of chapter
  • Quick Check: A variety of questions consisting of objective, descriptive, picture-based and skill-based activities to assess the knowledge of concepts learnt
  • Apply Your Learning: A variety of questions consisting of thought-provoking, descriptive, picture-based and skill-based activities to assess the knowledge of concepts learnt
  • Additional Information Pages: Information about various topics, coding software and Artificial Intelligence provided
  • Activities and Projects: Sample practical questions given to strengthen the understanding of concepts
  • Test Yourself: Question bank given at the end of the book to help learners prepare for the examination
  • Olympiad Practice Sheet: Olympiad questions given to prepare learners for Computer Olympiad

About the editors:

Niranjana VS (M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Ed.) has got more than 15 years of experience in computer education and is currently teaching in a reputed school in Thrissur, Kerala as the Head of the Department (Computer Science).

Akanksha Dudpuri (M.Tech in Biotechnology) is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background and over ten years of experience in the field of publishing. She possesses a wide-ranging expertise in content development and editing, and works on diverse subjects across the publishing spectrum. She has authored and edited numerous books for various subjects.

Digital components (For teachers only) :

  • E-book
  • Answer Key
  • Videos
  • Worksheets with Answers
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Detailed Lesson Plans

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