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Introductory Microeconomic Theory - Class XI
ISBN : 9789387925106
Publish : 2018
Pages : 356
Price : 375.00

Introductory Microeconomic Theory - Class XI

A Textbook For Class XI
Author Mrs. Ambika Gulati
Class 11


Introductory Microeconomic Theory: A Textbook for Class XI is a comprehensive textbook that has been written as per the latest CBSE syllabus. The objective of writing this book is to offer students the means for grasping basic microeconomic principles through in-depth explanations of concepts and examples drawn from day-to-day life. Employing the Theory of Multiple Intelligence, this book provides enjoyable ways to learn the principles and concepts of Economics.

Key Features:

  • In-text activities to develop higher order thinking skills
  • Diagrams and tables to facilitate visual learning and illustrate concepts
  • Examples that provide guidance for solving numerical problems
  • Points to Remember to facilitate quick revision
  • MCQs with answer keys to help students understand the concepts
  • Challengers comprising a set of higher order thinking questions
  • Mind Map in almost every chapter to help students remember key concepts
  • Be an Examiner to enable students to gauge and appraise their own preparation status
  • Project Work to familiarise students with various aspects and elements of the project, and guidelines for preparing the project reports

About the Author:

Mrs. Ambika Gulati graduated from St. Stephens College (Delhi University), New Delhi and thereafter completed her Masters from St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, UK. She is a gold medalist from the University of Delhi in the M.Ed. Programme. She joined Sanskriti School, Delhi in 2000, and remained the Head of the Economics Department till 2008, introducing many pioneering methodologies in the classroom. She has worked with several government educational bodies on various committees related to Economics. Mrs. Gulati has authored books on Economics and conducted several workshops for teachers in the NCR. Formerly, she was the Principal of DPS Academy, Dubai (United Arab Emirates). At present, she is the Principal of The Millennium School, Dubai.

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