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English First Supplementary Reader 6
ISBN : 9788130922430
Publish : 2013
Pages : 72
Price : 155.00

English First Supplementary Reader 6

An Integrated Communication Skills Course
Author Cheryl Jacob
Class 6


Good communication skills in English equal success in the information age. An integrated communication skills course for classes 1 to 8, English First makes the acquisition of these skills effortless and enjoyable for school-level learners.

Course Components:

  • Coursebook
  • Workbook 
  • Supplementary Reader 
  • Teacher"s Guide
  • Companion CD 
  • Online Support

Main Features of the Supplementary Reader:

  • Focus on developing reading habit
  • A rich variety of texts from traditional and contemporary literature from around the world
  • Fairy tales, local legends, short stories, extracts from classics, plays, poems and many other genres of writing
  • Questions to test comprehension
  • Activities intended to promote learning beyond the book
  • A delicate balance between simplicity of language and original literary flavour
  • Colourful layout and engaging illustrations

About the Series Editor: 

Dr Sharda Kaushik is the Director of the Regional Institute of English, Chandigarh. A former Fulbright Fellow, she has a Master's in ELT from the University of Reading, UK, and another Master's in TV-Radio from Syracuse University, USA. Her areas of research include the teaching of English in the context of Indian English used in print media. She has several years of national and international experience in curriculum planning, syllabus design and education management, besides numerous publications.

About the Author: 

Cheryl Jacob was educated at St Stephen’s College, Delhi, and the Delhi School of Economics. Pursuing her interest in the English language and literature, she completed CELTA for English teachers. Cheryl has taught at the British School and Jesus and Mary College, both in New Delhi. She is currently an ELT writer and editor.

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