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Perfect Grammar And Composition, Class 7
ISBN : 9789387153295
Publish : 2020
Pages : 212
Price : 315.00

Perfect Grammar And Composition, Class 7

Author Anita Bahadur, Surinder Puri & S. Sreetilak
Class 7


To speak and write any language confidently, we must know its grammar. Perfect Grammar and Composition is a comprehensive and learner-friendly textbook series that makes grammar interesting without compromising on the rigour the subject demands. With equal emphasis on the grammatical structures and their application in real-life situations, the lessons explain and exemplify each concept in detail, also accounting for exceptions to the rules. The exercises range from the easy to the highly challenging to test learners of varying levels of competence.

Key Features:

  • Vocabulary Enrichment
  • Comprehension & Composition
  • Creative Writing
  • Well-graded Exercises
  • Puzzles, Wordsearches & Games


Features of the Series:

  • Comprehensive coverage of grammar
  • Comprehension, vocabulary and writing lessons to complement the grammar syllabus
  • Well-graded
  • Learner friendly
  • Colourful, attractive layout
  • A wide range of practice tasks and exercises
  • Clear instructions


Four essential areas of language learning in one comprehensive book

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Writing


About the Author:

Anita Bahadur is a teacher and communication-skills trainer with 20 years of experience, which includes 15 years at various public schools. A subject-matter expert for content and curriculum development, she has edited and co-authored several books for language learning for different levels. Anita is also an examiner for the Cambridge BEC, ILEC and ICFE examinations, and conducts train-the-trainer programmes in communication and soft skills.

Surinder Puri has 25 years of experience in teaching English, including 10 years at Delhi Public School, Noida. She has been a CBSE examiner and an independent ELT consultant. She contributes regularly to a leading national daily in English.

S. Sreetilak completed his Master’s in English from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (now English and Foreign Languages University), Hyderabad, and M.Phil. in English from the University of Hyderabad. He is an ELT editor and writer based in New Delhi.

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