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Perfect Vocabulary - 4
ISBN : 9788130920252
Publish : 2012
Pages : 48
Price : 275.00

Perfect Vocabulary - 4

Includes Multiple Choice Questions
Author Stephanie Jona Buehler
Class 4


The more practice children have with concepts taught in school, the more success they find. Perfect Vocabulary helps students practise word skills taught in the classroom. The words that appear in this book are standard vocabulary as well as some special and unusual words. Perfect Vocabulary helps learners:

  • use a dictionary to define vocabulary words
  • identify word meanings in context
  • identify and use homonyms, synonyms, and antonyms
  • divide words into syllables
  • change singular words into plural words
  • identify and use unusual plural words
  • develop everyday vocabulary
  • develop an ongoing interest in learning and using new words

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