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Viva Classics - The Story Of My Life
ISBN : 9789386385109
Publish : 2017
Pages : 224
Price : 445.00

Viva Classics - The Story Of My Life



Blind, deaf and mute since early childhood, Helen Keller broke free from the world of darkness and silence and became one of the most influential people in history. Her story has been an inspiration to all, especially to the differently abled around the world. In her autobiography The Story of My Life Helen explains in great detail how she overcame the difficulties of learning with the assistance of her teacher Anne Sullivan, to whom she dedicates all the achievements in her life.

Published in 1903 when Helen was only 22 years old, this autobiography is a reflection of her glowing imagination, passionate sympathy and remarkable understanding of the world. This student’s edition of The Story of My Life has the following key features:

  • A detailed author biography
  • A critical introduction for a wider social and cultural perspective
  • Insightful commentary, background information, thinking points and logical puzzles in understand, think, solve and explore
  • Before we begin: Pre-reading questions and activities to rouse the reader’s interest
  • Glossary: Meanings of archaic or difficult words in the form of footnotes
  • Chapter summary: A recap of each chapter in simple language
  • Understanding the text: Fact-based and inferential questions for assessment
  • Activities: Research questions to learn and explore beyond the text
  • The story in pictures: A graphic plot overview



The annotated critical editions in the Viva Classics series are specially designed for student readers. They help young readers appreciate and enjoy classic works of literature and also assist in studying these books as long reading texts prescribed in the CBSE curriculum. The texts are enriched with historical and other background information besides detailed textual explanation. The aesthetic design and imaginative artwork will make each book an instant favourite. Aimed to promote reading and meet curricular requirements, Viva Classics are also great additions to every home library.

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