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Environmental Studies, 2024 Edition Book-1
ISBN : 9788119894871
Publish : 2024
Pages : 120
Price : 395.00

Environmental Studies, 2024 Edition Book-1

Revised And Updated
Author Madhu Bahl
Class 1


Environmental Studies for grades 1 and 2 is designed in accordance with the National Education Policy (2020) and National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage (2022). Various activities and exercises have been included which help in enhancing thinking skills of learners. An attempt has been made to sensitise learners to their physical and social environment, and make them realise their responsibilities towards it. Concepts have been explained through illustrations, in-text activities and flow charts, keeping the text simple and engaging. 

Some Salient Features:

  •  Bright, colourful and child-friendly illustrations
  •  Simple, easy-to-understand language
  •  Warm-up activities to gauge previous knowledge and narratives to introduce concepts
  •  Additional information to enhance general knowledge provided in Learn More
  •  Questions to improve learner’s thinking skills included in Think Tank
  •  NEP-based in-text activities to enhance learning
  •  Objective and subjective questions to practise the concepts learnt provided in Quick Check
  •  Topics for discussions to improve speaking and interpersonal skills included in Let’s Talk
  •  Questions to improve critical and logical thinking included in Think and Tell
  •  Skill-based activities and projects to make learning joyful included in Learning Is Fun
  •  Questions for quick revision given in Let’s Revise
  •  Activities that link EVS to other subjects in Integrate and Apply
  •  Interesting and engaging information given in back pages for applicative learning

Digital Components (For Teachers Only):

  •  Lesson Plans
  •  Answer Key
  •  Printable Worksheets with Answers
  •  Interactive Exercises
  •  Test Generator
  •  E-book
  •  Test Papers
  •  Videos
  •  Online Support

The skill-based workbook is available for purchase separately.

About the Author:

Madhu Bahl did her post graduation (M.Sc. Honours) in Botany from J & K University, Srinagar; B.Ed. from Punjab University and stood first in the University. She is the founder principal of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School in Chandigarh with an experience of over 35 years in teaching and school administration. Having worked with hundreds of students, she has intense first-hand knowledge of how they learn and the difficulties they encounter. Madhu Bahl is the recipient of the National Teachers Award by the President of India, CBSE National Teachers Award and State Award for her contribution in the field of education.

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