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ICSE Environmental Studies, Class 2
ISBN : 9789389401943
Publish : 2022
Pages : 148
Price : 385.00

ICSE Environmental Studies, Class 2

Based On The Latest CISCE Curriculum
Author Sangeeta Gupta
Class 2


Viva ICSE Environmental Studies is a carefully graded set of two books for classes 1 and 2. It strictly follows the guidelines and curriculum framed by the CISCE. The books contain colourful illustrations to facilitate learning through visual stimulation. A variety of activities, projects and creative tasks have been included in the books to develop awareness of the natural, social and cultural environment and interact with them. They also aim at enhancing curiosity and creativity, developing appreciation for diversity and becoming sensitive to everything in the surroundings.


Key Features:

  • Colourful illustrations
  • Rhymes in some chapters to sing along with teachers
  • Interactive section in ‘Reema Wants to Know’
  • Interesting facts to enhance general knowledge in ‘You Know’
  • Inculcation of values, awareness and responsibilities through ‘Granny Says’
  • Discussion about values and life skills in ‘Granny asks?’
  • Chapter-end exercises to test children’s understanding
  • Interesting projects, experiments and creative corner to nurture young curious minds
  • Thinking and discussion based questions on various issues in ‘Talk about’
  • Insert sheets including stories, facts, games, parts of vehicles and animals, good and bad touch, and many more


About the Author:

Sangeeta Gupta is an educational books editor and resource person based in New Delhi. She has taught for several years at Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School, Delhi.

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