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Reasoning And Know Your Aptitude - 6
ISBN : 9789389662146
Publish : 2020
Pages : 96
Price : 375.00

Reasoning And Know Your Aptitude - 6

Author Viva Education
Class 1


Reasoning and Know Your Aptitude for Classes 1 to 8 is our new series of books on Reasoning for school children. The series has been designed and developed by a team of experts associated with this discipline. The basic objective of developing this series is to enhance the intelligence quotient level of young minds in the initial stages of learning acquisition. The content of the eight books in this series aims to cater to the needs of the target learners with a particular focus on increasing their reasoning ability and helping them to grow as power houses of intelligence. Each book consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with vivid illustrations that make the process of learning and understanding the core concepts of reasoning easier for the budding learners. It lays particular emphasis on testing and appraising their understanding of the key segments of reasoning such as mathematical ability and logical ability.

Salient features of the series:

  • Carefully graded content
  • Simple and lucid language
  • Introduction for quick revision of the major topics in each chapter
  • Illustrative examples with step-wise explanation
  • Self-assessment in each chapter

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User Review :-


Very good.

Saiyad Mo.Yusuf

It's good book