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Viva General Knowledge - Class 8
ISBN : 9789387153943
Publish : 2020
Pages : 68
Price : 265.00

Viva General Knowledge - Class 8

Information, Values And Activities
Class 8


10 Activity Sheets  •  Free power book  •  6 Revision Exercises

Children learn from everything they see, hear and do. Experience tells us that learning is most effective when it is also fun. The Viva General Knowledge series aims to put this idea into practice. The books present a wealth of information and essential everyday skills through enjoyable lessons and exercises. The facts and ideas are drawn from practically every branch of knowledge and every walk of life. These books will lead children to explore, discover and learn more on their own by kindling their curiosity.

The beautiful design and attractive format of the books complement the rich informative content. By providing wide, varied and practical general knowledge, Viva General Knowledge equips children to succeed in the age of tough competition.

Key Features:

 • Interesting facts, knowledge-enhancing lessons and attractive design
Colourful pictures, illustrations and an appealing layout
 • Contemporary and proven approaches to teaching general knowledge
 • Clues to provide students with adequate hints to guess the answers
 • Do you know carries interesting trivia to make GK a fun subject
 • Non-verbal reasoning ensures all-round development of students through interesting puzzles
 • Activities like drawing,
colouring and spotting the difference engage students in an out-of-the-box learning process
 • Revision exercises for practice

Power Book

A free booklet with essential facts and figures, games, quizzes, projects and yoga lessons

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