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What's What, NEP Edition - Class 1
ISBN : 9789395654081
Publish : 2023
Pages : 60
Price : 295.00

What's What, NEP Edition - Class 1

Class 1


Children learn from everything they see, hear and do. Experience tells us that learning is most effective when it is also fun. The What’s What series of general knowledge textbooks aims to put this idea into practice. The books present a wealth of information and essential everyday skills through enjoyable lessons and exercises. The facts and ideas are drawn from practically every branch of knowledge and every walk of life. These books will lead children to explore, discover and learn more on their own by kindling their curiosity.

A remarkable feature of the series is the life skills and values section in each book. Adding perspective to knowledge in this manner is important while training young minds. Each skill and value is taught through a real-life situation and by guiding the learners on how to deal with the situation.               

The beautiful design and attractive format of the books complement the rich informative content. By providing wide, varied and practical general knowledge, What’s What equips children to succeed in the age of tough competition.

Key Features:

  • Ten thematic sections in each book: Life and Nature, Around the World, Incredible India, The Magic of Words, Sci-Tech Trek, Brainwaves, The World of Sport, Lessons for Life, More to Know and Review Time
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics
  • Well-researched and authentic lessons
  • A large number of unconventional and contemporary topics
  • Focus on values and life skills
  • Interesting nuggets of information labelled as ‘Do You Know?’
  • Artistically designed and fully pictorial pages

Teacher’s Resource Pack Includes:

  • Answer key
  • Quiz cards
  • Game/activity cards

Power Book:

A free booklet with essential facts and figures, games, quizzes, projects and yoga lessons

GK Website: is a unique online platform for interesting and valuable general knowledge. Loaded with surprising facts, witty nuggets and concise introductions to current and trending topics, this website is based on the concept of social learning. It aims to inform and entertain curious minds through free sharing of specially created content.


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