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Speed Maths, 3
ISBN : 9788183271080
Publish : 2020
Pages : 64
Price : 255.00

Speed Maths, 3

Mental Maths Skills
Author A Parker and J Faulker
Class 3


Speed Maths is the maths we do quickly in our heads without writing down the calculation. There are many ways of finding the answer to any mental maths problem, and such ‘tricks’ are the focus of this series. Mental maths has become more important than ever and new primary maths syllabuses are reflecting this. All books in the series are framed according to the guidelines of the NCERT.


  • The books are ideal for revision, homework, consolidation and enrichment 
  • The activity sheets given in the books aim to sharpen the child’s logical and mathematical problem-solving skills. They are so designed that the student gains confidence by correctly doing the first few questions before being challenged by more difficult questions 
  • The presentation is based on the latest techniques about how children learn 
  • The books are clearly and attractively set out and include hundreds of diagrams, graphs and illustrations

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