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Start Up Mathematics, NEP Edition - Class 4
ISBN : 9789393329615
Publish : 2023
Pages : 248
Price : 555.00

Start Up Mathematics, NEP Edition - Class 4

Author Nishi Sofat
Editor Rahul Sofat
Class 4
Start Up Mathematics textbooks are designed in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020. The books contain a critical appraisal of various concepts. Different skills like critical and logical thinking, applicative thinking, observation, problem-solving, integrated learning, decision-making, computer skills, creativity, game-based learning and many more have been covered through these activities and exercises.
Special Features of Start Up Mathematics for Classes 3 to 5
  • Interesting activities and questions to assess the learner’s pre-requisite knowledge given in Let’s Begin
  • Important points, tips and extra information about the concepts included in Keep in Mind and Learn More
  • Questions based on higher order thinking skills given in Think and Answer and Let’s Crack These Problems
  • Questions to improve applicative thinking and problem-solving skills included in Tryout and Apply Your Learning
  • Activities to reinforce the concepts learnt included in Do and Learn 
  • Summary of the chapter and end chapter exercises included in Let’s Review and Time to Perform
  • Skill-based activities to strengthen different skills provided in Exploring Maths
  • Applications of maths in everyday life included in Maths in Everyday Life
  • Questions to form a link between mathematics and other subjects included in Link and Learn
  • Fun activities to make learning a fun experience included in Maths Fun
  • Computer tasks based on the given concepts included in Tech Corner
  • Evaluation done through Test Yourself
  • Tricks to perform calculations faster provided in Vedic Mathematics
  • Sample Mathematics Olympiad paper provided in Mathematics Olympiad 
  • Questions to build reasoning skills in learners provided in Assertion and Reasoning
  • Fun activities and games to promote joyful learning included in Fun Activities 
  • nformation about some great mathematicians included in Famous Mathematicians
Digital Learning Solutions
  • E-book
  • Teacher’s Manual
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Test Generator
  • Animated Concepts
  • Detailed Solutions
  • Lesson Plans
  • Worksheets

About the Author:

Nishi Sofat is currently the director of Aim Achiever based in Delhi. She has a teaching experience of over 20 years. She has been actively involved with Sanchi Education and Development Trust, a charitable trust for educating underprivileged children. She has also co-authored several Mathematics textbooks.

About the Editor:

Rahul Sofat, with teaching experience of over 15 years, is currently a Lecturer of Mathematics in Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt. He is also involved in developing content for NCERT textbooks.

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