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Early Skills - Numbers Workbook - UKG
ISBN : 9789389662771
Publish : 2020
Pages : 116
Price : 315.00

Early Skills - Numbers Workbook - UKG

Author Viva Education
Class UKG

Early Skills is a well-planned series of books for preschool students of Nursery, Lower K.G. and Upper K.G. The books aim to develop the visual, listening, speaking, motor, cognitive, logical, reasoning, creative and various other skills of the students. Each book is colourfully illustrated to make learning fun and interesting.

Salient Features of Early Skills

  • Child-friendly and age-appropriate
  • Focuses on developing all required skills
  • Aims to provide sensory stimulation in a fun-filled learning environment
  • Simple, colourful and child-friendly illustrations
  • Simple text which is easy to comprehend
  • Provides a valuable learning experience to the children
  • Promotes morals and life skills

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User Review :-


Very good learning books

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