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Early Steps - Mini K.G.
ISBN : 9789388386258
Publish : 2020
Pages : 640
Price : 1995.00

Early Steps - Mini K.G.

Set Of 10 Books
Class Mini KG

​NOTE: Hindi Tamil and Telugu book is available separately. 


Early Steps is a well-planned complete package designed for preschool children to gradually prepare them for Grade 1. The package consists of books for three different pre-primary levels. Each level consists of books for Languages, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Art and Craft. The books are colourfully illustrated with lots of interesting exercises to reinforce the concepts and engage the learners to build a strong base for future.

The package also comprises of Yoga, Health and Happiness booklet with sticker-based activities, keeping in mind the age of the children. It aims at enhancing flexibility, physical and mental strength and general awareness among children in a simple and interesting manner.

Special Features of Early Steps

  • Child friendly and age-appropriate
  • Focuses on overall development of the children
  • Lessons given in a well-graded manner
  • Simple, colourful and child-friendly illustrations
  • Simple and easy-to-understand instructions
  • Plenty of reading and writing practice
  • A variety of exercises to maximise learning
  • Simple pictures to enhance motor and creative skills
  • Provides a valuable learning experience to the children
  • Nurtures values and life skills to create sensitivity

​Books available in the series:

  1. English
  2. English Workbook
  3. Alphabet Stories and Songs
  4. Numbers
  5. Number Workbook
  6. EVS
  7. Rhymes
  8. Patterns
  9. Colours
  10. Craft
  11. Smart Kids

Additional Support:

For Learners:

  • APP
    • Concept animation
    • Interactive activities
    • Animated stories and rhymes
  • Viva Digital
    • Printable worksheets

For Teachers:

  • APP
  • Viva Digital
  • Resource Pack
    • Manual
    • Flash cards
    • Concept charts

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