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Nursery Rhymes
ISBN : 9789388386173
Publish : 2019
Pages : 32
Price : 265.00

Nursery Rhymes

With Fun Activities
Class Pre-Primary


Rhymes are the best way to build a strong bond with the children as they love to listen to and recite rhymes. It helps them to connect to the world of fantasy as well as the real world around them. This delightfully illustrated series of rhyme books offers a complete package of classic and contemporary rhymes along with theme-based activity worksheets. They deal with various preschool concepts and help to build a child’s vocabulary. They are fun to do and will make learning a truly enjoyable experience.

Salient features

  • introduces children to the joy of learning and reciting nursery rhymes
  • aims to build phonemic awareness and memorization skills
  • focuses on increasing awareness about facts related to the world around them
  • helps to reinforce simple preschool concepts like numbers, transport, food, clothes and many others in a sing-song rhythm

Teaching Rhymes

There are a lot of different ways to approach teaching rhymes to children. Many of them probably know most of the rhymes, but some will not. As an introduction, you can first read or sing a rhyme to the children, while showing them the pictures. The children could then sing along with you. As they remember better, let them recite it while you repeat after them.

Assist the memorization by acting out the rhyme together. Discuss and define any words that the children may not understand. Assist them to narrate what has taken place in the poem. It is a simple way to gauge their listening comprehension. Ask questions, particularly those that begin with what, why, where and how.

As a related activity, have the children draw pictures about the rhyme or make simple paper craft stick, or paper bag puppets of the main characters and objects mentioned in it. The children could then use their puppets to act out the rhyme while they sing it.

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