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Biology, 2024 Edition Book-9
ISBN : 9788119894949
Publish : 2024
Pages : 372
Price : 495.00

Biology, 2024 Edition Book-9

As Per NCERT/CBSE Rationalised Syllabus
Author Madhu Bahl
Class 9


The book VIVA Biology for Class 9  has been written in keeping with the NCERT/CBSE Rationalised syllabus. The book is aligned with the guidelines issued under NEP-2020 and NCF-SE 2023. 

Salient features:

  • The book is as per NCERT/CBSE rationalised syllabus.
  • Each chapter starts with an overview, giving a glimpse of the chapter.
  • Key Points in each chapter highlight the important information related to different topics discussed.
  • Questions to analyse the concepts learned are given in the section Check Your Understanding.
  • Each chapter includes some additional information related to the text in the coloured boxes.
  • Well-labelled diagrams, flow charts, tables, pictures and illustrations have been incorporated to help students understand various facts and concepts clearly.
  • Summary at the end of each chapter helps students recapitulate the main ideas or facts related to the chapter.
  • The variety of questions are based on pattern provided in NEP 2020 and NCF-SE 2023. These include Multiple Choice, Knowledge-based, Diagram-based, Concept-based, Activity-based, Logic-based and Case-based questions. Also included are questions based on Assertion-Reason and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
  • The CBSE Sample Paper 2024 and additional practice questions provided by CBSE also included in chapter-wise exercises.

About the Author:

Madhu Bahl did her postgraduation (M.Sc. Honours) in Botany from J & K University, Srinagar; B.Ed. from Punjab University and stood first in the University. She is the Founder Principal of KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School in Chandigarh. She has 38 years of experience in teaching and school administration.

Having worked with hundreds of students, she has intense first-hand knowledge of how they learn and the difficulties they encounter. Madhu Bahl is the recipient of the National Teachers Award by the President of India, CBSE National Teachers Award and State Award for her contribution in the field of education.

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