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Chemistry 2024 Edition Book-9
ISBN : 9788119894253
Publish : 2024
Pages : 228
Price : 495.00

Chemistry 2024 Edition Book-9

As Per NCERT/CBSE Rationalised Syllabus
Author Dr. S K JAIN, Dr. Shailesh K Jain
Class 9


The book VIVA Chemistry for Class 9 has been written in keeping with the NCERT/CBSE Rationalised syllabus. Book is aligned with the guidelines issued under NEP-2020 and NCF-SE 2023.

Salient features:

  • The book is as per NCERT/CBSE rationalised syllabus.
  • The book follows an informal interactive style which is appealing to the students.
  • The important definitions and statements are set in bold letters for added emphasis and convenience during revision.
  • Figures, diagrams and illustrations enhance the effectiveness of text.
  • Given examples help in the clarity of concepts and demonstration of their application in real life situations.
  • At the end of each main topic, questions are given in the form of "Class Assignments" to assess the understanding of relevant topic.
  • Each chapter ends with "Let us say it again," which consists of a point-wise summary of the important concepts discussed in the chapter for a quick revision before exams.
  • The variety of questions are based on pattern provided in NEP 2020 and NCF-SE 2023. These include Multiple Choice, Knowledge-based, Logic-based, Diagram-based, Case-based and Investigation-based questions. Also included are questions based on Assertion-Reason, HOTS, Hands-on Science as well as Survey-based projects.

About the Authors:

Dr. S K JAIN did his postgraduation from IIT Delhi and PhD from University of Delhi. He specializes in Physical Chemistry and takes special interest in Electrochemistry and Energy Conversion. He has published over fifty research papers in journals of international repute. Dr Jain has visited several countries on research assignments as Research Associate and also as Visiting Scientist. He has written many textbooks for school and college students. 

Dr. Shailesh K Jain did his postgraduation from IIT Kanpur and PhD from the United Kingdom. He specializes in the field of Heterogeneous Catalysis and has special interest in the field of Analytical Chemistry related to the metallurgical operations. He has published several research papers and co-authored many textbooks for school and college students. He is involved actively in the popularization of Science at School/undergraduate levels.

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