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NCERT Practice Workbook Science - 7
ISBN : 9789387486973
Publish : 2020
Pages : 176
Price : 315.00

NCERT Practice Workbook Science - 7

Apply Your Learning | Reason Out | Values And Life Skills | Mind Maps | Periodic Tests
Author Dr. Renuka Kaul
Class 7


Viva Science Workbooks for classes 6 to 8 are strictly based on the contents of NCERT textbooks. These books are developed to help students prepare for evaluation, and for additional practice and self-assessment. The practice material has been presented in an easy-to-understand and concise manner. Numerous questions have been included in each book to provide a comprehensive revision of the entire syllabus.

Key Features:

  • Summary in the beginning of each chapter provides a gist of all that has been covered in the chapter.
  • Amazing Fact contains interesting and useful information related to the concepts taught in the chapter.
  • Keywords given in each chapter includes important terms and their meanings.
  • NCERT Textbook Questions (In-Text Questions and Chapter-end Questions) are included for each chapter.
  • Practice Questions consisting of short and long answer questions, multiple choice questions,  ll in the blanks, true or false, match the columns and many more are given to reinforce the concepts learnt in the chapter.
  • Apply Your Learning includes questions based on thinking skills to develop critical thinking in students and to assess their application of knowledge gained.
  • Values And Life Skills includes questions to help students develop interpersonal skills and solve real life situation-based problems.
  • Reason Out includes questions to help students enhance logical thinking.
  • Mind Maps help students to visually organise information.
  • Periodic Tests are provided as an assessment tool to assess the conceptual knowledge of the students.

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User Review :-


Best practice book in all

Tejasmita Muduli

Very good book