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Viva Physics Class XII, 2 Vol Set
ISBN : 9789387486164
Publish : 2018
Pages : 2008
Price : 1695.00

Viva Physics Class XII, 2 Vol Set

Strictly Based On Latest NCERT/CBSE Syllabus
Author Dr. Anupam Jagga
Class XII


Viva Physics for Class XII, 2 Vol Set has been written primarily for the students preparing for CBSE Examinations as per the latest NCERT/CBSE Syllabus. It also caters the need of the students appearing in the Engineering/ Medical Entrance Examinations.

Salient features of the book:
Development of the subject matter in a lucid and systematic manner.
Illustrative diagrams to make understanding very easy.
Solved Problems to learn concepts and clear mathematical derivations.
Solved Problems on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).
Examination Questions to build
self-confidence and maximise the scores in Board Examinations.
Conceptual Problems to achieve the perfection in all aspects of a topic.
Interesting Discussions (Value-Based Questions) to improve the interest level and practical understanding of the subject.
Objective Problems with solutions to give an 
expertise and boost the level of confidence to the students for IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced) and other competitive examinations.

About the Author:

Dr. Anupam Jagga, Principal DPS Moradabad, has a vast experience of more than 25 years of teaching Physics to classes XI and XII and preparing them successfully for the different competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, and PMT.
His innovative methodologies,
art of creative teaching and his dedication towards the subject has helped the students to learn strong fundamentals and all possible applications of the concepts necessary for the success at this level.
Using his lifelong observations of the struggle faced by the students of classes XI and XII while preparing for boards and competitive examinations together, he has made his honest efforts to provide complete material for concrete preparations for overall success in the form of his various publications.
Viva Physics is another milestone of his journey towards his contribution to the
students society for achieving excellence in Physics.

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