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Connect - LKG Sem 2
ISBN : 9789388653121
Publish : 2020
Pages : 168
Price : 475.00

Connect - LKG Sem 2

An Integrated Semester Series
Author Roma Jain & Sarada Damaraju
Class LKG


English • Mathematics • Environmental Studies

Viva Connect is a set of fourteen books (two for each class and one per semester) for pre-primary and classes 1 to 5. Each semester book for pre-primary includes three subjects: English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. The colourfully illustrated activity-based books aim at teaching various skills and concepts in a well-graded and thematic manner. Each book has a number of activities and practice tasks to develop age-appropriate skills.

Key Features:

  • Systematically graded lessons
  • Simple and easy-to-understand instructions
  • Colourful and child-friendly illustrations
  • Plenty of writing practice
  • Lots of activities and games to strengthen concepts
  • Perfect blend between previous knowledge and new information
  • Plenty of opportunities for the learner to inquire and evaluate

Additional Support:

  • Online Worksheets: Practice worksheets are provided online for all subjects for additional practice.
  • Teacher’s Manual: A detailed teacher’s manual is available for teachers to facilitate teaching. It also includes a teacher’s CD with audio-visual resources. Online support at

About the Author and Consultant Editor:

Roma Jain, a psychology graduate from Delhi University, is a consultant with Ryan International School (Rohini), Heritage Play Centre and Blessing Pre-nursery School. She is also a resource person and has conducted many workshops in various schools.

Sarada Damaraju, a trainer, administrator and a teacher has pursued M.Com, DECE and B.Ed. She has an enriching experience of over 11 years in teaching across classes. Teaching pre-primary classes is her passion and key thrust area.

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