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ICSE History And Civics - 6, 2020 Edition
ISBN : 9789389401851
Publish : 2020
Pages : 164
Price : 465.00

ICSE History And Civics - 6, 2020 Edition

Based On The Latest ClSCE Curriculum
Author Ujjayini Ray
Class 6


Viva ICSE History and Civics for classes 6 to 8 conforms to the latest curriculum released by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) in November 2016.

The primary objective of this series is to enable the learners to understand the workings of the world around them. To this end, the History section focuses on equipping the learners with the knowledge and understanding of the past to help them form anidea of the present which would enable them to plan for the future. The Civics section aims at familiarizing them with the socio-political life.

This series has been designed to present the concepts in a simple yet engaging manner. Each chapter has embedded exercises and activities to make learning more meaningful and enable the learners to make connections with the wider world.

Key Features of the Series

  • Lessons presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand language
  • Appropriate pictures, photographs and maps given to make concepts clearer
  • A glossary of difficult words given on the same page on which they appear to facilitate at-a-glance reading
  • Timelines of the chronology of events given as a ready reckoner
  • Important People, Places and Terms from all the chapters to facilitate further understanding and knowledge
  • Model Test Papers designed to prepare the learners for the board examinations
  • Mind Maps of each chapter to enable quick revision
  • In-text questions for discussions to gauge whether the topic has been grasped given in Let’s Discuss/Do
  • Information based on the topic but beyond the syllabus presented in Fact Corner
  • Let’s Recall recapitulates all the important topics covered in the chapter
  • Varied types of questions such as choosing the right option, gap fills, brief and detailed answers, comparisons, citing differences and picture description provided in Let’s Learn
  • Let’s Do covers classroom activities and projects to be done independently
  • Values and Life Skills integrates various subjects as delineated in the curriculum


About the Editor:

Ujjayini Ray, MA and M.Phil from JNU, Ph.D from School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, is currentlyan Associate Professor in Department of History, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and has been teaching there for nearly twenty years now.

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