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Map Practice - 4
ISBN : 9789395654340
Publish : 2023
Pages : 52
Price : 265.00

Map Practice - 4

Class 4


The series Viva Map Practice is designed and developed according to the latest CBSE guidelines. The books supplement the main coursebooks in Social Studies and aim to reinforce the students’ understanding of geographical and historical concepts. Each book in the series includes plenty of map-based exercises, map-making skills, practice tasks, diagrams and illustrations. These books are more than just supplements to the main textbooks. They help students develop the abilities to analyze, compare and contrast, which are integral to the study of geography and history The facts are presented with accuracy and based on authentic sources. All the location-specific facts have been incorporated on the basis of the common coordinate system

Key Features:

  • Each book contains broad, relevant and thoroughly informative content.
  • The map tasks are spread over two sections, with the first section containing useful information on the theme of the map, diagram or illustration.
  • The other section has complete maps, diagrams or illustrations on which the exercises are based.
  • Tables containing additional, interesting and useful information relating to some topics are given at the end of each book.

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