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Value Education 6
ISBN : 9788130933351
Publish : 2020
Pages : 92
Price : 305.00

Value Education 6

Values, Life Skills And Personality Development; Includes A Separate Section On Yoga
Author Jaya Krishnaswamy
Class 6


Value Education carries forward the legacy of 
story telling to children, introducing values to them subtly, and helping them to observe, imbibe and then experience them in daily life. The progression of themes in the series, book 1 to book 8, develops this way: beginning with the child’s self-identification, building relationships with family and at school, learning to give and share, enjoying working together, caring for nature, respecting the country and its leaders and discovering in the lives of the great personalities, illuminations for their own lives.

Value Education has an onerous task at hand, that of making the learning of values enjoyable to the child, without the lessons turning out to be part of yet another class subject. The series is based on the NCERT guidelines for its framework. It draws for its content, the eternal source, the country’s heritage and its time-tested oral traditions in story telling for the elaboration and exemplification of the values.

The values are eternal in their meanings and relevant to the everyday activities of the growing child. The series is a resource referral for the partnership of the teacher with the parent in guiding the child along the inquiring early childhood years, into the turbulent preadolescence period and towards a stable and healthy adulthood. The series is not intended to be yet another text loading the already heavy schoolbag of the child but a pleasant everyday experience for the child and a visual treat for the teacher and the parent in seeing their child blossoming everyday, nurtured in the values so sacredly cherished by our country.


Salient features of the series: 

  •   classroom-tested lessons for sustainability of interest and practicality in application in daily life
  •   child centredage appropriate and universal in application
  •   simple in narration, activity-based and interactive
  •   scope for individual, pair and team work
  •   attractively illustrated and designed
  •   questions for objective evaluation and analytical assessment
  •   each lesson summed up with a reality check on the application of the elaborated value 

About the Author: 

Schooled in Presentation Convent Church Park and with initial university education in Madras (now Chennai) 
Mrs Jaya Krishnaswamy has been in the teaching profession for the last three decades. She was with Mount St Mary’s School, Delhi, as the Senior Headmistress for fifteen years. She is presently working for children with disabilities, six years and below at Madhuram Naryanan Centre for Exceptional Children, Chennai. The centre has been recognized for its services with State and National honours.

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Ayan Srivastava

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It is good

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All good

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Very good app

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Nice book and interesting stories that is the very helpful for the students