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Targeting Handwriting 2
ISBN : 9788130920818
Publish : 2012
Pages : 64
Price : 295.00

Targeting Handwriting 2

Author Jane Pinsker, Susan Young & Stephen Michael King
Class 2


Targeting Handwriting
 is an exciting new series for handwriting practice at all levels. There are seven student books and one teacherÕs book. Targeting Handwriting gives you everything you need to achieve successful handwriting outcomes. 

Features of the student books are that they:

  • introduce each new skill sequentially
  • are very clearly structured—with a useful and sensible sequence
  • give space, wherever possible, for students to copy words underneath  models, so left-handers aren’t disadvantaged
  • integrate the practice of numerals and punctuation
  • provide assessment pages to help teachers assess specific handwriting skills, plus many opportunities for student self- assessment
  • include a section on calligraphy
  • Developing motor skills
  • Posture, pencil grip and paper position
  • Lower and upper case letters
  • Punctuation and numerals
  • Exits, entries, joins and spacing
  • Speed loops and calligraphy

Teacher/Parent Resource Book with CD:

  • The mechanics of writing
  • Pre-writing warm-ups
  • Teaching notes on all the different joins

About the Authors: 

Jane Pinsker
 has taught extensively in both private and public schools in Queensland, Sydney and London. She has taught children from pre-school to Year 6, with her passion being the early years.

Susan Young has over 15 years’ teaching experience at all primary classes.

Stephen Michael King is a well-known children’s illustrator and writer. He has been published in 13 languages.

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