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ICSE Mathematics - 2
ISBN : 9789387925861
Publish : 2020
Pages : 152
Price : 445.00
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ICSE Mathematics - 2

Author Ajay Kumar
Class 2


ICSE Mathematics for Classes 1 and 2 conforms to the latest ClSCE curriculum. The series aims to meet the expectations of the students and teachers, and help the students gain knowledge of mathematical concepts and vocabulary through clear explanations and supporting examples.

Features of ICSE Mathematics for Classes 1 and 2

  • Concepts given in simple and lucid form to lay a strong foundation of the subject
  • Solved Examples included as per the difficulty levels to strengthen the understanding of the concepts
  • In-text Exercises given after a few concepts in each chapter to gauge the understanding of the concepts learnt
  • Top Tip(s) consisting of important points and tips
  • You Should Know including important information related to concepts and additional information about concepts
  • Brainwork including questions to enhance thinking skills using mental maths
  • Test Yourself including a variety of objective and subjective exercises of the complete chapter
  • Think and Answer including questions based on thinking skills to develop logical thinking and reasoning
  • Values and Life Skills including questions based on values and life skills to develop interpersonal skills
  • Progress Worksheet including questions to evaluate the knowledge and understanding of the concepts learnt
  • Activity Corner including various concept-based activities given at the end of each chapter to reinforce the concepts learnt
  • lntegrate Your Learning including questions to help students form links with other subjects
  • Attempt and Score including question bank given at the end of the book to assess the overall learning of the concepts
  • Enjoy Maths including activity-based questions to make learning interesting and fun
  • Maths Fun including game given in the inner back cover of the book to make learning fun

Additional Teacher’s Support

Teacher’s Manual • Lesson plan • Solutions of selected questions • Worksheets with answers

Digital Support ( • Flip book • Test generator • Solutions of selected questions • Worksheets with answers • Test generator • Lesson plan

About the Author:

Ajay Kumar, with teaching experience of over 15 years, is currently heading the Mathematics Department in St. Mary’s School, New Delhi.

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