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Start Up Science Workbook - Class 8
ISBN : 9789387486287
Publish : 2020
Pages : 100
Price : 395.00

Start Up Science Workbook - Class 8

Values And Life Skills Focused
Class 8


Viva Start Up Science Workbooks have been specially prepared for the students of classes 6, 7 and 8. They complement the textbooks to help students prepare for evaluation, and for additional practice and self-assessment.

Salient Features of Viva Start Up Science Workbooks

  • Summary of each chapter is given in points for quick review. This helps the student to quickly recapitulate previous knowledge.
  • Instructions to task are given in simple and easy to understand language.
  • A variety of objective and subjective questions are included to expose the students to different ways of attempting the same topic.
  • Exercises based on Higher Order Thinking Skills are given to test the ability of the students to understand and apply the concepts learnt.
  • Numerical and diagram-based questions are also provided.
  • A variety of multiple choice questions based on practical skills are also included.
  • A separate section on laboratory is given to make students familiar with a laboratory. It includes common laboratory apparatus and general guidelines and precautions for the students to follow while they are in a laboratory.
  • Sample test papers in the form of Let’s Review and Test Yourself are incorporated to help students to assess their preparation for exams.
  • Adequate space has been given to answer the objective-type questions. The students are expected to answer the subjective questions in their notebooks.
  • The objective of the exercises given in the books is to evaluate various aspects of learning like knowledge, understanding, application and skill.

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